Thursday, May 2

I am reviving the Blog is true...look for a post very, very today maybe :)

Thursday, September 6

Let's try this again

I miss blogging. There, I said it. Let's see if we can't get this show back on the road. I'll try to appease you with a bit of cuteness :)

Friday, August 19

Holy's August

Yep...enough said.

Nothing much has happened since my last post :)

Thursday, October 14


I realize it's been a while since I've graced you with a real post. It's not like I don't have a lot to say...or a lot going on...I think it's really just the result of being tired most of the time and not wanting to do much except go to work (which I really don't want to do 95% of the time, truth be told..but who does, right?). Anyway. So besides being tired, pregnant and having horrible swelling, the one thing I was managing to avoid was chronic heartburn...until last week. This now gives me the opportunity to tell you about my antacid that I've tried so many of them. Maybe you'll find this useful.

#4 - Tums

I used to think Tums were fine...until I had to take them on a regular basis. And while they do the trick in a pinch, I think they are gritty and the taste isn't that good (yes..I realize they're not life savers!!!)

#3 Maalox

This used to be higher on my list, but then of course I tried more antacids and so had more experiences to use for my rating system. Maalox tastes better than Tums, but still gritty...and a not so nice aftertaste.

#2 Tums Smoothies

Tums makes a comeback in the #2 position. The smoothies are way not so gritty..I guess that's why they're smooth...and don't have a gross aftertaste. These used to be in the #1 position because I couldn't find the #1 brand...but now that I can...these have to take a backseat to.....

#1 Rolaids!!!

Love Rolaids. The flavor is good, the texture is good...and they work fast! My favorite by far are the cherry...but the tropical ones are good too. These were really hard to come by early in my good thing I had a few already...and the company who makes them - who was dealing with a recall- made sure to get them on the shelf again! Thank goodness for Rolaids...or as I like to call 3 a.m. snack.

So there you have rating for antacids....hope this helps you through your future heartburn attacks.

Oh..and all have calcium :)

Sunday, October 10

Seriously? Again?

It's like this is already being taken over by childish things...sorry...couldn't resist.

Friday, September 24


This is why I love Sesame Street

Wednesday, September 22

We're back...and we're tanned...

We are back from our vacation...and now I need a vacation to recover! We've been sleeping way too late in the morning which is mildly interfering with getting to work...and we're both wiped out by the time we get home. Hopefully we'll snap out of it soon. I am sure that for me, the baby that is growing isn't helping with the fatigue...or the swelling....

anyhoo....I'll try to post some photo's soon....